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FRIDAY, the 7th of JUNE, 2024
Miss enigma

Aren’t you just mys-ti-fying! It’s a scientific fact that when something – or someone – is out of our reach, their desirability intensifies. We are magnetized and nosy as hell, searching for answers [to what? not sure]. Does mystery increase the value of an artist and their work? Does enigma garner intrigue and therefore, a more lucrative creative career? 

It’s easy to bury ourselves behind a computer, a phone or in our case – pretty photographs. We must allow our art to open it’s mouth and speak a thousand words of sheer poetry. Be allusive, be professional. All I hear is: be cryptic,  only speak when you have a masters degree and a podium to exhibit a full body of abstract work lacking in contrast that justifies a museum boards’ recognition. 

I think we have a fear of being seen before we are “ready.”

At a circadian rate, we are saturated with youtubies, tikitokers and instagram livers who exhibit oodles of confidence – which can be unnerving if we have an itch for the opposing side of the camera. These people are highly self-assured [leos and capricorns] and many leave us squirming. As a result of our revolt, we often stay as we are – silent looker-onerers.

Cyberspace is suffering from infobesity, why engorge it even more? Best to tame those tits and feed our web aquaintances sprinkles of our reality as to avoid all opportunities of vulernability that could damage our ever so esoteric image.

I want my work to be seen and in turn I want to be seen. My photographs are very much a part of me.

Here are some photos of me hiding behind my camera. If you would like to buy one, you can.

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