(Featuring Me)

thursday, the 21st of december, 2023
Moving Spaces

Hello friends, family, and intrigued visitors! Welcome to my little space of introspection. 

It felt a necessary move, or an opportunity perhaps, to express myself in a manner most photographers dread: w-o-r-d-s. This space is void of popularity pageants and expecatations. It is somewhere I can verbally unwind, scribble my musings and share tidbits. 

I’ve felt immense pressure as one of the gazillion photographers online – blindly seeking the approval of absolutely anyone.

It is the immediate dopamine relief that keeps us returning like well-trained domestic animals. And yes, as much as I enjoy that zing, I know my flow of happiness will be swiftly dismantled if I do not make some impactful web-life alterations – today.

I believe we all experience the mood elevation of the internet-disconnect, but cannot find the willpower to stow away that hefty device – nor can we live with the guilt that follows during such catastrophic times for the Palestinian people.

For the sake of my photographic business and desire to connect with you all – here I am, maintaining my web presence and sanity.

Now, have you seen my new print catalogue?

(Featuring Me)