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FRIDAY, the 13TH OF MARCH, 2023
Hello friends, family, and intrigued visitors! Welcome to my little space of introspection. It felt a necessary move, an opportunity perhaps, to express myself in a manner most photographers dread – words. I’ve needed a special space without the stress of popularity pageants and expecatations. I’ve felt immense pressure as a creative – blindly seeking the approval of absolutely anyone via these applications. It is that instant dopamine relief that keeps us all returning like well-trained domestic animals. An instant ego inflation is irresistable to us all. However, having said all that, my flow of happiness will be swiftly dismantled if I do not make some impactful web-life alterations – today. I think everyone feels the joy of the internet-disconnect, but cannot find the willpower to stow away that hefty device. And so, for the sake of my photographic business and desire to connect with you all – here I am, maintaining my web presence and sanity. 


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