(Unsatisfied Client)

SUNDAY, the 27th of march, 2023
We seem to not talk about this. So let’s talk about this. Sometimes we have what I like to call – a photographic misfire. The client didn’t disclose all of their desires and was under the impression that they hired – you – a photographer slash mind reader combo. You freestyled to excess, delusionally believing you had total creative liberty. Boom. They don’t admit they dislike your carefully processed, scanned, selected, corrected mastery – they are merely disappointed and wondering where the one hundred extra photos than the agreed upon amount are hiding. Why don’t you have them? What a calamity. However, before you throw in the sponge, remember this – some people are impossible to please. Fault finders are everywhere – in all fields, professional or otherwise. Maybe there were some oversights on your behalf. But even those superstar  got-everything-right (definitely not) photographers you so dearly (me too) idolize with the seemingly curated feed of Mamiya RZ polaroid-backed blue fur-clad beaming studio portraits and Forbes 30 under 30 magazine covers, jumbled amongst that off-kilter shot of a poodle or a plate – have had these experiences too. In fact, agency represented artists have made huge blunders. Loads of them. Don’t underestimate other peoples luck. What is the lesson learned? Life moves in one direction – so move with it. You could keep your professional cock-ups a secret, or alternatively, share them with me (us) below.

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